Timber Sliding Sash windows.

Traditional Timber sliding sash windows.

Traditional Sliding Sash windows have stood the test of time. B-Spoke joinery hand craft their sliding sashes using traditional methods in hardwood and softwood,  or sometimes a combination softwood frame with hardwood sill.

Traditional lead weight and pulley with sash cord or spiral spring operation are employed to balance the windows.

                      Hardware and draft proofing.

All our sliding sashes are made giving you the option to have brush seals and flipper strips fitted and come with traditional brass fittings. Alternatively we have a full range of heritage and contemporary hardware to choose from.

Box sash windows give a building high status being not only quality but more importantly inkeeping with your property and the area it is situated.

Our sliding sashes can be single or double glazed with a range of period mouldings available.

Slimlite Glazing.092

B-spoke can now manufacture sliding sash windows that can be double glazed acceptable to conservation requirements where single glass would have previously been the only option. This is achieved by installing slimlite double glazed units which allow the window to be made retaining that all important slimmer glazing bar detail common with traditional single glazed sliding sash windows.

This means you can now have double glazing suitable for your graded or listed property.

             Yorkshire sliding sash windows.

20150401_131829B-spoke joinery manufacture horizontal sliding sash windows in the traditional way having one side fixed where the glass is glazed  straight into the frame and the other side opens from side to side. Yorkshire sash windows can be double glazed and fully draft sealed if required making this traditional window up to date and more efficient but still allowing you to have that in keeping look that your cottage requires.

          Mock sash windows.

Mock sash windows give your property that all important look but are a little cheaper to produce than conventional sliding sash windows.

Mock sash windows open outwards on either butt hinges or friction stays. B-spoke takes special care in the designing of their mock sash windows. Ensuring that you get as near as possible to looking like the real thing, but we incorporate modern ironware and glazing giving you an up to date window that still delivers all the quality and style your property deserves.

Curved Sliding sash windows